M/s. Adinath Grinding Mills

Mica Powder

We are glad to bring to you a superior grade of Mica Powder that has a regular lamellar particle structure and is highly praised by the clients for purity and stability. The lamellar particle structure present in the Mica Powder is perfect for use, where a high rate of resistance against chemicals, heat and ultra violet light is needed. Henceforth, our range of Mica Powder is successfully assuaging the requirements of the paint industry.

Advantages of using are Mica Powder
  • Improves scrub resistance
  • Acts as an anti-cracking agent
  • It supports a matt finish
  • Helps to control paint flow

  • Cement industry
  • Glass and glass-making products
  • Ceramic & Chemical industries like sanitary ware, Tiles & Lime industries
  • Iron & Steel industries including Melting, Rolling, Forging & Heat Treatment industries
  • Ferrous & Non-Ferrous metal industries
  • Fertilizer & petrochemical industries
  • Furnace Manufacturers & Consultants

Technical Specifications

Grade Sieve Size Uses Purposes
Coarse Fine Powder 30 Mesh Metal Explosives & Disinfectants Annealing as abrorbant
Medium Fine Powder 60 Mesh Welding Electrodes, Cables & Wires As protective coating & improves dielectric properties, electrical & mechanical strength
Fine Powder 100 Mesh Texture paints, Acoustical plasters, Ceiling tiles Improves physical properties, architectural durability, adhesion, water proofing
Super Fine Powder 325 Mesh Paints, Plastics, Rubber Products, Paper Improves exterior durability, increase moisture resistance, flexibility, adhesion. Improves thermal and dielectric properties, impact strength, imparts heat resistance